Welcome to my world of painting and creating…

Deep Summer, acrylic on canvas, will be on display in Gambrel Barn at the Art-in-the-Park Art Show and Sale
Flourish, 28″x22″, on display at FASM at the Mall Gallery, 50 Ontario St. S., Milton, ON

Deep blue skies.  The drone of heavy, drifting bumblebees.  Everything bright and blooming and bursting with life.  The looks and smells and feel of deep summer.  Mmmmmmm.

I would stay outside all day long if I could, but I have managed to get into the studio now and again, if only for a cool break from the heat of the day.  I should have some additions to My Paintings soon…

I have already posted some of my latest art escapades in Easel Tales including an introduction to my “donc-le-papier” style of painting, a technique I have developed over the years – take a look at what I have been up to…  

Finally, I am in several shows and exhibitions over the next several months:

Morning Chatter, acrylic on canvas, will be on display in Gambrel Barn at the Art-in-the-Park Art Show and Sale

Don’t miss the year’s Art-in-the-Park, the 4th Annual Art Show and Sale at Country Heritage Park, on Sunday, August 11, from 10 am to 5 pm, where I will have a booth in Gambrel Barn.  Parking and admission are free, although donations are welcome at the gate.  For more information, click here.  

I have two paintings done in the “donc-le-papier” style, hanging in the 30th Art in the Workplace exhibition at McMaster Innovation Park, 105-175 Longwood Rd S. in Hamilton, Ontario.  For more information about hours and location, click here.

I also have a selection of paintings hanging in the Art Around the Pillar exhibition at the the Moses F. Rittenhouse Branch of the Lincoln Public Library, in Vineland, ON until the end of September.  Many of these are the last ones available in their series.  For more information about hours and location, click here.  

If you find yourself in the Niagara Region, be sure to visit these unique art galleries: Steve Wilson Studios and The Gallery (4681 Queen St., Niagara Falls, ON), Carol Rose Art Studio (14 Main St., Port Dalhousie, ON), and the Niagara Pumphouse Arts Centre (247 Ricardo St., Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON), where I have some of my paintings on display.

Steve Wilson at his Studios and The Gallery, where I have The Narrows and Outcrop on display, both from the Sea and Sky Series.  Click the photo for more information about hours and location.

If you have missed previous posts you can find them in Blog Posts, under Easel Tales on this website.   At any time, feel free to leave comments on the pages of the website, or email me – see Contact.

IV. The Narrows
XIV. Outcrop (Sea and Sky Series)