Welcome to my world of painting and creating!  

Thank you to those who have recently attended Celebrate the Season and written to me about my paintings hanging there. See my recent post to find out which one has just sold…

I have been in the Artcave busily working on a new series with wildly different colours than Big Sky.  Be the first to see a sneak peek here

Modern and traditional depictions of winter wonder… how about winter at sea? That, and more on now at the Holcim Gallery…
Don't miss this exciting show!
Visit me and the others at this exciting, festive show.  Don’t miss it!

Since I’ve been painting more regularly lately, I’m hoping to have more to write about soon; keep checking my Blog Posts page, under Easel Tales in the menu, for my latest updates.

This is a great evening!
This is a great evening!

As always, if you see anything you like in the galleries to the right, I’ve got more information about each painting, including sizes and prices listed under “My Paintings,” where I have my full listings.  Better still, contact me, especially if you are interested in anything in particular.  I’m looking forward to hearing from you.