Welcome to my world of painting and creating… 

March has come in wet and wild, taking us on a roller coaster of temperature swings.  Feels like Spring, or did I just jinx it?


Like the weather, my exhibits have been shifting around but will soon settle down for a few months.  See several of my paintings, including my intrepid “Gumshoe” at C’est What? Brew Pub and Eatery on Front Street near Church, in the St. Lawrence Market area. If you’ve never been before, you’re in for a treat.  C’est What? has it all: great food, great brews, great ambiance, and some pretty great art, too!

Saplings at Sunset
Saplings at Sunset was inspired by a poem called “Saplings”

Two receptions are coming for new exhibits you don’t want to miss:  Poets and Painters is around the corner on Saturday, March 4th at the Niagara Falls Public Library. In September, original poems were paired to painters and original paintings were paired to poets.  The poems and paintings that were created in the pairing will be revealed for the first time at this unveiling ceremony.  I will have two paintings in this exhibit in the Rosberg Room until the end of March: “Sun Shy” which I completed  a year ago, and “Saplings at Sunset” which I completed in early January.

The gala reception for the new exhibit at McMaster Innovation Centre will be on March 30th.  I will have two paintings from the Big Sky series on display until the end of June: “Rocky Shore” and “The Narrows.”  It’s a really fun night with live music, munchies, and lots of art to see in this enormous and brilliant atrium.  Don’t forget to bring a donation for the food bank.

I will keep you updated about these and all my new paintings, exhibits, and more, in Exhibits and Shows and my Blog Posts.  

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Happy 150th, Canada!

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And now, since my recent trip to Ottawa and seeing all the great art at the National Gallery and more, it is time for me to get back into the Artcave and get painting!