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The Annual Pelham Art Festival is held every Mother’s Day Weekend in beautiful Pelham, Ontario, between St. Catharines and Welland.  For more information on this show, click on the image above.

… and a happy Mother’s Day to all!  May is certainly the month for all things Mom – why not a trip to this year’s Pelham Art Festival in lovely Niagara wine country?

In my latest issue of Painter’s Pad I have outlined this year’s art challenge at the Pelham Art Festival, as well as the latest update on current and upcoming shows. You can receive my newsletter and all of my posts by email – simply hit the “Follow Tina’s Paintings” button on this page and following the directions there.  Plus, you can catch up on any posts you’ve missed in Blog Posts, under Easel Tales on this website.  

While you are in Easel Tales, read all about my latest art adventures and creations, including a great many beginnings.  I am hoping to finish some of these in time for the weekend – if you are able, come on out and see these up close.

Happy 150th, Canada!

You might have noticed that I have added some of the websites I follow at the bottom of my sidebar.  I have also listed these websites on a separate page under Welcome in the menu called Art Websites and Blogs I Follow (a bit long, but accurate!).  Have a look, I am sure you will see things you like!

All the while my lovely amaryllis still blooms so red for Canada’s 150th in the photo, and now the bulb is outside, in a newly fluffed up and warm flower bed.  Who knows, I just might see the gorgeous bloom once again!  I’ll keep you posted on its progress throughout Canada’s 150th year.