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Can you get more Canadian than this leaf?

Like the fallen leaves, I fell like I have been blown around and swept away this fall by all the hustle and bustle of a very active art scene.  No complaints!  However, I am happy to have finally returned to the quiet and reflective times of painting and creating in my studio.

Strong and Free I, one of three in a new series celebrating Canada’s 150th

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Skyway Vista
Making a Splash at Fifty Point

Coming up soon:  You can see my paintings Skyway Vista and Making a Splash at Fifty Point, both tributes to Hamilton during Canada’s 150th anniversary celebration, in the next Art in the Workplace exhibit at McMaster Innovation Park in Hamilton, Ontario, which is currently being prepared.  Consider coming to the free evening reception for Exhibit 25 on Thursday, November 30, 2017, from 7-9 pm, where you can enjoy live entertainment, light refreshments, a cash bar, and the brilliant new collection of the finest paintings and photography of the area’s artist community.  If you have never been, it is truly a sight to behold.

The latest news on my lovely red amaryllis: The fluffy and warm garden bed it has called home since May has been clipped back and covered with leaves to protect fragile roots and stems from the winter stems.  At the beginning of September, I clipped back the tall leaves to the top of the bulb and removed it, roots and all, to a paper bag kept in a cool, dark place.  I will be replanting it at the beginning of December, and hope that it will produce another beautiful set of blooms.  [To be on the safe side, I have bought a new bulb and already planted it in a pot, in case my Canadian summer was too cool for such an exotic bulb.] 

A reminder of  the beautiful red bloom in February, a perfect tribute to Canada in its 150th year.