Tina Clancy ART Launch



While this has been a challenging time for all humankind, it has also been a strangely uniting force causing people all over the world to stand together – but apart! – in a collective fight against the pandemic.  My most sincere thanks go out to everyone who has had to continue to go to work and put yourselves at risk for the sake of others – especially to those who are on the “front lines” – you are the heroes of our time.

For everyone else who has had to stay at home, I would hope that you are healthy and safe and happy.  It seems everyone has been learning new things about themselves and the world, and finding the joy in small things.  Birdwatching, breadmaking, sewing (masks), knitting, renovating, indoor gardening, playing boardgames, binging on Netflix, and more.  To say the least, if there was ever a good time to start a new project or hobby, this is it.

For me, this has been a good opportunity to create a new look for my art, complete with a new website.  As of Friday, May 8, 2020, you can find all my latest paintings, updates, and Easel Tales at Tina Clancy ART (although I doplan to keep Tina’s Paintings active for a few more months during the transition).  You can also find me on Facebook at Tina Clancy ART @tina.clancy.art where I have posted some of my most recent paintings under Photos.

While all of my scheduled shows and exhibits have been cancelled for the first part of this year (so far), you can still see my work as you stroll through the virtual galleries of My Paintings . To celebrate this launch, I am offering a 20% discount off the list price of any painting; you can Contact me directly through the new website if you have any comments, questions, or requests.

I welcome you to my world of abstract and impressionist painting, where I hope you can be moved, soothed, or both.



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