Bio and Process


I work out of my bright studio tucked away in the basement of my home in Milton, Ontario. As soon as I step inside, I feel inspired all over again to create reflective and expressive compositions in acrylics and mixed media.

Several years ago I was deeply impressed by an exhibit of pieces from a post-war art movement in Japan, one that strove to find beauty even in the desolation of the war-torn landscape, a time when artists had almost no alternative but to rediscover the majesty, endurance, and expressiveness of matter, however disarranged. Over time, artists grew to admire and find beauty in unanticipated arrangements of images, so much so that they tried to bring more of the same into their art. Being playful and spontaneous with their process allowed their creations to move in unanticipated directions, a relatively new concept for that time.

This philosophy unleashed in me a playful and spontaneous approach to my art.  I delight in seeing a creation emerge before me and watch as it expresses itself. For me, the starting point of a project is the matter, both surface and medium, and I work them in ways with various techniques to encourage an unpredictable painting landscape. It is the feeling of allowing the matter to drive the creation that I find both sublime and gratifying, adding a unique dimension to the overall effect of the finished painting.

More recently I have started to create paintings that are connected.  In both the Big Sky Series and Persian Nights Series, the paintings are each based on restricted palettes of 3 colours (plus black and/or white), and to some extent keep to a focused theme, whereas the two Lowville paintings are mainly connected by the same paints and process.  Now and again I return to Pour Painting, which I find both relaxing and breathtaking, or Mixed Media and Collage when I feel like exploring new frontiers of abstraction.

I have had the good fortune to study with skilled instructors, all of whom have expanded my understanding of and practice with different techniques and methods, including layering, glazing, paper and mixed media collage, dispersion, all manners of brushwork, encaustics, and pour painting.  Since retiring in 2012, I show my work regularly throughout Milton, Hamilton, Toronto, and the Niagara Region.

I am a member of The Fine Arts Society of Milton and also coordinate the small but very special art exhibit at Mama Mila’s Café in Milton.  I venture down to the Niagara Region regularly where I serve on the Executive Board for the St. Catharines Art Association and exhibit regularly in their shows.  As well,  I exhibit regularly in the member exhibits and juried art shows at The Niagara Pumphouse Art Centre.



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