Artist Statement


I paint intuitively and enjoy creating works that are alive with movement, colour, and expression.

Painting is a deeply reflective and contemplative time for me, when I slip into my imagination and allow a world of observations, memories, and what I have learned from skilled instructors and other artists to help form – and inform – every one of my creations.

When I first began to paint, an enlightening notion inspired me to allow the materials and tools to take the lead, letting the images and expressions emerge, and the rest would follow.  This liberated me from years of fine drawing and encouraged me to paint intuitively.  I feel that “I am but the tool that wields the brush,” and simply interact with the painting as it unfolds – guiding, informing, and finessing the piece until it is done.

“I marvel at the wonders I spy through a window, up a tree, at the side of the road, beyond the shore … fleeting glimpses, tracks in the snow, shadows cast, mist floating, subtle skies, seasons changing, and the stillness of being. Nature that lives and breathes. My paintings … emergent and evanescent … reflect the love and joy I feel for this vast and beautiful world.  I welcome you to share them with me.”    Tina Clancy