Moonlight Series


I am originally from Niagara Falls and travel down to the Peninsula every week or so to visit family or friends, or to just go for dinner and a concert with my husband.  We feel like we slip into another world…

Beach Moonlight (12″x12″ gallery canvas) – SOLD

More often than not my drive back to Milton is in the dark – it is so quiet and relaxing.  On many occasions I have had the good fortune to glimpse miraculous and lovely light effects in the sky above or reflected around me.

Hushed Moonlight (12″x12″ gallery canvas) – GIFTED

Lightning flashing through stormy skies, industrial areas ablaze with flames, lights twinkling in the night, plumes of smoke, Toronto’s waterfront winking across the lake, highway lights distorted and rippling through the pouring rain, and much more.  But it is the bright moonlight shimmering over the lake or backlighting a cloud-covered sky that I enjoy the most.

These two paintings were inspired by those late-night drives home when I would be so lucky to catch a glimpse of the moon or its quiet ghost behind the clouds.

Introducing my newest paintings, Beach Moonlight and Hushed Moonlight.  I am pleased to share my memories of the beautiful night sky with you.