My Paintings


I have explored several different styles and approaches in my relatively short time painting abstracts and have loved them all.  I find that changing from one style to another brings me renewed energy and creativity.

Simply click on the images below to jump to their pages.

More often than not these days I paint in sets or series.  “Moonlit Shores” is my most recent set, although I might have one more to add.

I have one more to finish for the Big Sky Series, am finishing two Canadiana pieces, and will be working on a large commission next.  It is best to keep checking in to find the latest additions!

Radiant Coral Series
Lowville Set
V. On the Run
Touch of Love Series
Persian Nights Series
Persian Nights Series
Big Sky Series
Acrylics on Canvas
Acrylics on Canvas
Pour Paintings on Paper
Wash Acrylics on Flat or Textured Canvas
Wash Acrylics on Flat or Textured Paper
Mixed Media
Mixed Media
Zen Blocks
Sold Paintings

















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