My Paintings


I have explored several different styles and approaches in my relatively short time painting abstracts and have loved them all.  I find that changing from one style to another brings me renewed energy and creativity.

Once I have decided to employ a specific technique or approach, I like to paint in batches, or sets.  Most often it is just two companion pieces that I work on, such as Garden Irises, alternating between the two. You can see many more in Abstracts on Paper,  Textured Paper Paintings, Abstracts on Canvas, and Textured Canvas Paintings.

Or, from time to time I am inspired to work on more paintings at the same time, as was the case with the Touch of Love Set.  I laid out these six canvases and applied every layer to each one in turn, right until the final flourish, signature, and varnish.  I was especially attached to these paintings, as you can read on their page, and am happy to know that each one went to someone who loved them (nearly) as much.

Now and again I will zone in on a theme, approach, and/or colour palette that I return to, creating a series of paintings that are visibly related.  Sea and Sky is my largest series to date and I am still adding to it.  I love how I can create an atmosphere of calm weather in one and stormy weather in the next.  Other series are smaller, such as Persian Nights and Moonlit Shores, although I have been tempted recently to add more to these.

Most notably, I have refined my method for working on paper, a method a good friend taught me as “pour painting on paper.”  Simply put, water is used to dilute acrylic paints ever so slightly to get them to spread more freely and interact at different rates on wet paper.  I loved the effects I could get by introducing new colours after different periods of drying time, tilting the paper, pressing or sponging off in areas, and more.  Plus, I found that the myriad of colours available in acrylic paints allowed me to have incredibly bold and bright, almost gemlike richness of colour in these paintings.  I have also discovered that my method creates different light effects that are difficult (if not impossible) to capture on canvas or hard surfaces, something much like stained glass.  As a result, I have decided to refer to these as “Luminous Paper Paintings.

Meanwhile, I continue to dabble in new ways, always pushing out what lies within.  I am looking in the direction of doing more collage work with paper, I have recently learned how to paint with alcohol inks (fascinating!), and am hoping to one day revisit the hardboard mixed media work I had done in my early painting days.

Considering the churning out and turning over of my inventory, it is best to keep checking in so that you can welcome any newcomers or perhaps to bid fond farewells.

And continue to enjoy the rest along the way.


Moonlit Shores Series
Lowville Set
V. On the Run
Touch of Love Series
Persian Nights Series
Persian Nights Series
Sea and Sky Series
Acrylics on Canvas
Abstracts on Canvas
Pour Paintings on Paper
Textured Canvas Paintings
Textured Paper Paintings
Mixed Media
Mixed Media
Zen Blocks
Sold Paintings
















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