Abstracts on Canvas


This is my passion.  I love to discover where the the brush and knife and colours will take my paintings.

One of my newest paintings, A Night in Bordeaux, was started and finished only days after returning from an iconic trip to the Atlantic coast of France.  I was most deeply impressed by Bordeaux, when we enjoyed a gorgeous evening strolling along the river in that beautiful and historic city of light.

More recently I have enjoyed painting with friends, and have created an assortment of new abstracts that have come from these sessions, including Sierra Nueva, Pansies, and At Kelso.  As well, I have created two multiple-canvas paintings, made from two canvases each:  Flower My Path and Sky of Dreams.

Sky of Dreams (I and II)

These are meant to be together; therefore, the price listed is for the set.

For many more new Abstracts on Canvas, see the paintings in the specific series and sets, listed under this page in the top menu.


Click on a painting to view my Abstracts on Canvas in a slide show:


Abstracts on Canvas that have sold: (see more in Archived)



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