Sea and Sky Series


Stronghold is the painting that set this series off.  I had so much fun painting the large sky that I just wanted to do it over and over again.

Stronghold (36″x24″, $250)

However, when I launched the series, I made myself promise that I would use the same three colours each time, something I did not restrict when I painted Stronghold. As well, keep the horizons low so that the sky would be the big draw.

Over time and with each new paintings, it seemed that the sea factored in as much as the sky, and more so when the weather was stormy and the sea was a bit rough.  To call these Big Sky paintings didn’t make sense so much anymore, so I have decided to rename the series “Sea and Sky Series.”

All are acrylic on canvas, and with the exception of Lake View (12″x 12″, $75) and Rocky Shore (30″x 24″, gallery canvas unframed, $600), are 20″x16″ canvases set in black floating frames, $250 each.

I am still adding to this series.  I find it soothing to paint in this style and palette and therefore keep going back to it when I find I need a break.

Fall into these paintings and be soothed.