Lowville Set


These paintings remind me of the hot summer days when we would take our kids to Lowville Park along Guelph Line north of Burlington.  My husband and I would stay cool in the shade of the woods near the creek while the kids went scampering through the water to grab at frogs or splash and get wet.  Sometimes we would bring our rods and do a bit of fishing, or just walk up to look at the horses in the paddock overlooking the creek bed.

The nearby General Store where we would get ice cream treats has since become The Lowville Bistro, our favourite place to go for special dinners and Sunday night live entertaintment.  Although the girls are all grown up and other things have changed over the years, it is still a magical summer place for all of us.

And, as if by magic, I see both the verdant splendour of water and woods in the balmy heat of midsummer.  Do you?

I created these paintings using a combination of techniques with wash and tube acrylics, and look forward to creating more paintings like these in the future.