Pour Paintings on Paper


Very early on a good friend showed me and some others how to do “pour painting” onto paper, using water to dilute fluid acrylics ever so slightly to get them to spread and interact with the absorbent paper.   I loved the effects I could get by adding new colour after different periods of drying time, tilting the paper, pressing or sponging off in areas, and more.  I could play with this endlessly until my studio would be littered with “pours” drying in every horizontal space available.  By now I have sold all of my earliest works and some of my more recent pours, and am itching to do some more, always trying new approaches and tools for different effects.

While most of these are done on standard size (8.5″x11″) 140 lb water colour paper, I have also done some on larger sizes of water colour paper.  All of these are placed in black frames with white matte and black inner edging.

Listing and Prices

All of these are 12″x15″ in matted frames, and go for $90 Cdn.  Beckoning Blooms and Morning Glory are each $150 Cdn.  Delight is in a broad black frame and goes for $280 Cdn.


Listing of Pour Paintings that have sold:

All are framed and 12″x 15″ unless listed otherwise.




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