Textured Paper Paintings


These creations emerged from a combination of repeated wetting with coloured washes and then applying paint while still damp from a recent wash, or with a dry brush onto the paper after drying completely.  I have had the most fun with these, often because of the surprises I might discover – of colours merging or popping once the piece has dried completely, or of the curious shadows or textures that might form overnight.

I like the look of these in black frames with white matte and black inner edging, as seen below.  Midsummer Fields 1 and 2 are in different frames, as shown, as are the two Central Park paintings (custom-made black frames and royal blue mattes).

Listing and Prices:

Unless marked otherwise, these are in 12″x15″ frames and sell for $90 each.  Midsummer Fields 1 and 2 are 17″x14″ and are $150 each.


Listing of Textured Paper Paintings which have sold:

Both of the Central Park pieces were purchased by a good friend.  I hope he continues to be reminded of his time in New York.  Eramosa River was in an exhibit alone and sold, but its companion, Mountain Spring sold soon after.  The woman who bought Lynx Landscape was seeking a companion piece for it and was happy find that there was one.  She bought Razed Mountain, plus Pour Painting with a similar colour scheme.


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