Niagara Glen Series


The Niagara Glen was one of my favourite picnic spots when I was growing up in Niagara Falls, Ontario.  A very large, grassy area studded with picnic tables and tall trees, it was a fun place for us kids to dart around and play while our parents barbecued hamburgers and hotdogs.  Even now when someone mentions the Niagara River Parkway the first place I picture is the Niagara Glen.

It wasn’t until I was almost twenty that I made my first trek below the placid picnic ground, through dense and tangled woods to the Niagara River.  The hike down is not the easiest.  The ground under foot is gnarled with roots, jutting rocks, and toppled trees, and the pathway often difficult with wayward undergrowth, broken branches, and trees leaning in all directions from the uneven ground.  An adventure, yes, but always fresh, free, and exciting.

Then suddenly the woods clear and you are upon the river rushing by and rocks big enough to climb on top – to rest and cool off, have a picnic, set out a line, or just soak up the sun.  What a great reward!  And most certainly worth the effort.

The paintings in this series have been inspired by the tangle of woods anchored by rocks near the river below the flat plain of land that is now called the Niagara Glen Nature Centre.

Each painting is framed (11″x13″) and sells for $95 Cdn.